PA Real Estate Commission Forms

The forms below — which pertain to obtaining, renewing, or updating a real estate license — are offered as free downloads from the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.


Initial Salesperson License Application (SPOA 2101) DOWNLOAD
Broker/Associate Broker Initial License Application (SPOA 2107) DOWNLOAD
Salesperson Change of Employer Form (SPOA 2102) DOWNLOAD
Change of Licensee Home Address DOWNLOAD
Change of Licensee Name DOWNLOAD
Request to Escrow License DOWNLOAD
Request for Duplicate License DOWNLOAD
Request for Certificate of Licensure or History DOWNLOAD

Real Estate Transaction Forms

RAMP is pleased to offer the following real estate forms for sale to both members and the public. The forms were developed by the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® to assist parties completing many common real estate transactions. These forms are available by mail or for pick-up at 1427 W. Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh. In addition to the prices listed, add 7% sales tax and shipping fees as applicable.


NAME OF FORM  per piece 25-Pack per piece 25-Pack
Standard Agreement of Sale SOLD OUT
$5.00 $63.00 $6.50 $85.00
Pre-Settlement Possession Addendum $2.00 $25.00 $3.00 $33.00
Post-Settlement Possession Addendum $2.00 $25.00 $3.00 $33.00
Buyer's Estimated Costs & Deposit Notice SOLD OUT
$1.00 $15.00 $2.50 $20.00
Seller's Estimated Closing Costs $1.00 $15.00 $2.50 $20.00
Commercial Agreement of Sale $4.00 $53.00 $6.00 $70.00
Business Relations Agreement $1.00 $18.00 $2.00 $23.00
Residential Lease SOLD OUT
$3.50 $37.00 $3.50 $50.00


These paper forms are no longer being printed. Once our supply is depleted, the forms will only be available through one of PAR's electronic forms vendors or by printing copies of the forms on your computer (PAR login required). It will not be possible to complete these printable PDF forms electronically, so the forms will need to be completed by hand and photocopied for your clients.

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