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The Commission is implementing a new policy requiring that all licensees take at least three hours of continuing education during the 2016-2018 renewal in topics related to commission rules and regulations.  RAMP’s education staff has been busy staying on top of this new requirement and is in the process of developing a 3.5 hour “Commission Rules and Regulations” continuing education course.  The required course should be available Spring of 2017.  New agents or those in their first continuing education renewal cycle who are required to complete the mandatory new agent courses, this required content is already included in those courses.

All licensees should receive an email from the commission notifying them of this change in the near future. 


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“I appreciated the clarity of information delivered regarding the appraisal process - especially the methods of adjustments."

“This was fun!”

“The instructors are relatable.”

“Don is very funny!”

"The best part was the interaction of the class."

"I have a significantly better understanding of how in-depth and involved the appraisal process is."

“Teacher was engaging, great use of real world examples to help understand concepts.”

“I finally learned something I’ve always wanted to learn.”

“The best part was interactive discussion with a practicing realtor.”

“Mary Lynne and Don were engaging and thorough. I have no complaints!”

“Interactive discussion of topic material.”

“Is very comprehensive, helped me study and understand.”

“Ed did a great job in making material interesting!”

“The best part was the exchange of experiences and knowledge.”

“Instructor was great!”

“The best part was listening to real sales experiences.”

“The best part was being able to understand all requirements and material to get my license.”

“Instructor was great! Engaging, friendly, thorough.”

"Instructor made the class interesting and was funny.”

“Always used relevant stories, best part – engaging!”

“Elaine did a great job and is very knowledgeable of the subject.”

“Class is highly useful as a working tool for valuation of property.”

“The instructor’s experience and vast knowledge on the subject was obvious. She uses both historical and current day Pittsburgh examples.”

“Thank you for teaching this class. You are a true expert in your profession!”

“The field trip was very beneficial in seeing our subject property first hand.”

“Instructor made class fun and interesting.”

“Explained the whole process well.”

“Loved the class!”

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