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The REALTORS® Educational Institute is your source for independent, experienced instruction as you work toward a Pennsylvania real estate sales license. Our only goal is to help you begin your real estate career on the right foot. Join our expert teachers in Pittsburgh or on the Web. Read more>>


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Pennsylvania's real estate license renewal period ended on May 31, 2012. The REALTORS® Educational Institute is currently developing new programs to be launched this autumn for the 2012-14 cycle ending May 31, 2014. Read more>>


Learn from the best.

Open the door to new career opportunities with a Pennsylvania real estate broker's license. We're one of few education providers in the state to offer a consistent catalog of broker education opportunities, and our instructors do for a living the subjects they teach. Read more>>

Distinguish yourself.

Transform your career through the sharpening of your professional skills through the REALTORS® Educational Institute's Designation program. We bring the in-demand, rarely-offered courses closer to home, so you don't have to travel far to set yourself apart from the pack. Read more>>

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This class will acquaint the students with the basic everyday principles of Real Estate. Listings, Agency law when working with buyers and sellers, the sales agreement and financing the transaction.

The dates for this class are June 4,6,11,13,18,20 and 25

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Real Estate Fundamentals involves many concepts new to the students and lots of new vocabulary. The class will touch on leasing, environmental issues , financing and a whole class will be on Real Estate Law. CLASS DATES ARE; November 3-5-10-12-17-...
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This class is a review of materials from Practice and Fundamentals to help prepare you to take the PA Licensing Exam with an emphisis on Pa State Law. Class is FREE for students who took their classes thorugh REI and $20 for those who didn't.
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This class is a triple dip. It covers your14 hrs of CE for 2014-2016, it gives you 2 broker credits and the CIPS designation. The Monday and Tuesday Core classes can be taken individually for $150 a day and are approved for continuing education ...
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The topics reviewed in this class are:                                Core class for desig...
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Real Estate Practice is all about the practial side of real estate. The instructor will teach the basics of real estate contracts, listing agreement, property management, appraising and fair housing. CLASS DATES ARE; December 1-3-8-10-15-17-22
REALTORS® Association Of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (map)
The instructor will teach and review the following : Researching Market at home and abroad The Metric world Money concepts Tax matters US Visas Value concepts Compiling traction data for decision making

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