REALTOR® Walk of Fame

Secure your mark in the history of the regional real estate profession with a permanent tribute at the  Realtors® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh headquarters. Each commemorative brick marker will be artfully integrated into the Walk of Fame, which greets visitors at the front door of our Pittsburgh facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

Bricks that include three lines of text are available for only $100 each. If you wish to include logo (engraved in black only), bricks are available for $200 each.

Q: What can it say?
Within the bounds of obvious tastefulness, the choice is wide open. Most donors have chosen to include their name (along with either company, years of RAMP membership, or Realtor® designations). Many donors have chosen to remember a deceased loved one or to honor a colleague. Others craft custom messages for their children. The options are endless.

Q: Will my message fit on the brick?
Each brick may contain up to three lines of text; each line is optimized to allow 13 characters. In limited instances, it may be possible to slightly extend the characters per line. If your message exceeds the alloted space, a RAMP representative will contact you prior to sending your order for manufacturing.

Q: How long does it take to process my order?
That depends. During times of high volume orders, perhaps several weeks. In most cases, several months will elapse between the time of placing your order and seeing your brick installed on the Walk of Fame. RAMP pools brick orders and places manufacturing requests multiple times per year. Each brick must be custom-crafted and shipped to Pittsburgh. Finally, RAMP contracts a mason when there are a sufficient number of new markers to be installed. To check on the process of your order at any time, please contact RAMP at (412) 563-5200. One of our representatives will be pleased to offer an update.

Q: Where does the money go?
Your donation helps to assure a top-notch education and meeting facility for generations of future Realtors®. Walk of Fame proceeds are invested in improving and maintaining RAMP's permanent headquarters building.

CLICK HERE to print an order form and reserve your spot

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